The Book of Clarence (2023)



Struggling to find a better life, Clarence is captivated by the power of the rising Messiah and soon risks everything to carve a path to a divine existence.



A painful bible sermon with a great Black cast
The actors all played their roles well but the story was much different than what the trailer implied.


My partner and I both thought this would be a action romp that poked a bit of fun at the story of Jesus. Maybe even that it would be a bit politically and religiously subversive.


It managed a few funny moments, but in the end it was just a story of a man finding faith and being violently punished for it.



The director said in an interview that movies like The Ten Commandments were his inspiration for this movie.


I don’t think that’s apparent from the trailer but it’s very obvious after watching the movie. It provides Black representation for that genre and feints towards being something more but, in the end, don’t watch this unless you’re looking for an awkwardly written Bible story.

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